Sustainable Diets game: Diet Dimensions

One of the outputs of the Sustainable Diets Working Group is the development of a social and interactive game, Diet Dimensions. The game functions as a simulation exercise that helps to illustrate key issues and challenges that emerge when attempting to quantify the sustainability of diets and to develop relevant food and dietary policies. As a live, social game, the purpose is to get people talking, interacting and thinking creatively. Participants coming from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines form teams and collectively come up with projects that can deliver sustainable food systems in various settings. The game highlights the multidimensional nature of the sustainable diets field and the varied approaches that emerge as a result of different perspectives and disciplines. Through this it provides a novel way to explore different strategies and examine how they may impact different fields.
When played in different settings this exercise will help to illuminate how different metrics become relevant depending on context.

Diet Dimensions being played at ANH Academy Week 2016, Addis Ababa
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