About the ASFWG

Animal Source Foods for Nutrition and Health Outcomes Working Group

The ANH Academy Animal Source Foods for Nutrition and Health Outcomes Working Group (ANH-ASFWG) brings together current and former IMMANA Fellows with complementary expertise to review the evidence on how best to measure and interpret the role of animal source foods (ASF) for improved nutrition in Africa and Asia.


Scope of work

The ASF working group aims to review the available data on how eggs and poultry, dairy, fish and meat products of all kinds contribute to nutrition and health in Africa and Asia. The framework document and technical brief will include the reviews of specific metrics used to address the role of ASF in maternal health and child development at particular ages, how intake is influenced by market linkages and socio-cultural factors including gender roles, feeding practices, and intrahousehold allocation, and how these foods contribute to the challenges addressed by other IMMANA working groups on food safety, food environments, sustainable diets and other topics. 

Specific objectives

To review the metrics, methods and results of recent research on the role of ASF for improved nutrition in Asia and Africa;
To identify knowledge gaps and research opportunities in this literature, including opportunities for systematic review or eventual meta-analysis;
To suggest a framework to guide other researchers and practitioners towards best practices.



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