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Webinar: Perspectives on Food safety as a driver of food choice in LMIC

Webinar: Understanding how and why people make food choices in LMIC for promotion of sustainable healthy diets

Ag2Nut 10-Year Virtual Celebration

Micronutrient Forum 5th Global Conference 2020

Webinar: Leveraging M&E Systems for Improved SBC

Webinar: How to Design Effective SBC Messages and Materials

Panel 4: Next steps: how drivers of persistent malnutrition shape the response

Panel 3: Basic drivers of acute malnutrition: dryland livelihood systems, vulnerability, resilience and shocks

Panel 2: Basic drivers of acute malnutrition: systems and institutions

Panel 1: Basic drivers of acute malnutrition: environment and seasonality

ANH Academy webinar: Mental health and ANH research

Webinar: How to Use Formative Research to (Re)design Your SBC Strategy

Ag2Nut Nigeria, ANH Academy and HORTSON Webinar: The role of horticulture during COVID-19

Ag2Nut/ANH Academy Webinar: The environmental and health impacts of diets

Webinar: How to Understand the Barriers and Motivators to Behaviour Change

Ag2Nut/ANH Academy Webinar: The cost and affordability of nutritious diets globally

Webinar: Social and Behaviour Change Essentials

Webinar: Power and priorities: equitable partnerships in Agriculture, Nutrition and Health research

ANH2020 Academy Week

Webinar: To present or not to present: Gearing up for ANH2020

Webinar: COVID-19 Emergency Response: The African Nutrition Perspectives

Webinar: Maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition in the time of COVID-19: implications for action and research

Ag2Nut/ANH Academy Webinar: community discussion on COVID-19 and food systems

Ag2Nut webinar co-hosted with ANH Academy: Data4Diets - Building Blocks for Diet-related Food Security Analysis Platform

Planetary Health Conference 2020

Webinar: Equity in Agriculture-Nutrition-Health Research

Ag2Nut webinar co-hosted with ANH Academy: Economic Evaluation of Agriculture-Nutrition Programs

Webinar: The cost and affordability of EAT–Lancet reference diet

Plastics in the food system: Human health, economic & environmental impacts

WEBINAR: IMMANA Fellowships Round 5 – Information Session for applicants

Food Systems and Nutrition E-Consultation: Emerging Evidence And Research Opportunities

SUN Movement Global Gathering

Ag2Nut Call: India, ANH Academy, and Connecting with members

Development of Food-Based Dietary Guidelines in Ethiopia, and a Global Review of FBDG

Public Engagement: Students explore London's Food Environments

To Present or Not To Present: Designing Powerful Presentations

Summer School on Global Challenges to Food Security hosted by SOAS University of London.

EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, and Health: Ag2Nut webinar co-hosted with ANH Academy

Household Water Security Scale: Ag2Nut webinar co-hosted with ANH Academy

ANH2019 Academy Week

GCRF Global Engagement Networks funding call

Reporting back from ANH2018 (Accra, Ghana)

Workshop on Agricultural Development and Disease Risk in a Changing African Landscape

From So-So to Standout: Designing Powerful Presentations

Towards sustainable integration of edible insects as nutrient resources in marginalized south-eastern regions of Zimbabwe

Strengthening food and nutrition security through a Planetary Health lens in resource-limiting settings

Poultry egg production and utilization among women participating in the Nutrition Links Project in a rural district of Ghana

ANH2018 Academy Week

International Symposium on Understanding the Double Burden of Malnutrition for Effective Interventions

Agricultural Biodiversity for Better Nutrition, Health and Improved Livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa – the case of forest foods in Congo Basin

Achieving food and nutrition security among pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in Kenya - A gender perspective

Doing Things Their Way? Food, Farming and Health in Two Ugandan Cities

IMMANA Fellowships Round 4 – Information Session for applicants

New methods & metrics for agriculture & nutrition - findings and lessons from Round 2 IMMANA Fellowships

Caregiver capabilities - in the series Agriculture-Nutrition-Health linkages: Research in the African context

IMMANA session at 21st International Congress of Nutrition (IUNS)

Building stronger linkages between agriculture and nutrition for health and development: the Ghana context

Trade, investment and nutrition: opportunities and challenges for policy coherence

Food & Health Winter School

SOAS Summer School in Food and Nutrition in Development

Webinar: Diagnostics to support the identification, design, and evaluation of interventions in value chains to improve diets of low-income populations

A Farming System approach to address undernutrition

ANH Academy Week and Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition Agriculture-Nutrition Scientific Symposium

Future of Food and Nutrition Graduate Student Research Conference

IFSTAL Symposium: Technology – a silver bullet for the food system?

Webinar: Sustainable Food Systems

Medact Forum 2016: Healthy Planet, Better World

Webcast: FAO/WHO International Symposium on Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy Diets and Improved Nutrition

IFSTAL Public Lecture: Sheila Dillon, Food Systems and the Media

Global Symposium: Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services

Pushing the frontiers in ag-nutrition methods and metrics: IMMANA Round 1 Fellows share their research

Livestock Markets, Animal Source Foods and Human Nutrition: Considering Program Tensions, Maximizing Impact and Avoiding Harm

Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition Summit

LANSA-FAO e-discussion: 'Empowering women in agriculture for better nutrition'

Exploring the pathways between animal health interventions and child nutrition in Tanzania Is system dynamics a useful tool?

Food and Brexit; implications for public health and environmental policy

WEBINAR video available: Women's nutrition through an empowerment lens

Seminar: INTEGRATED FOOD SECURITY: mapping and selecting different indicators and metrics from sustainability till safety, pig product case study

Seminar: Does women's time matter? A critical reflection on time use in agriculture-nutrition research

IFSTAL 8th LECTURE: Future Food Systems: Dealing with Uncertainty and Complexity

Seminar: Is Cereal Price Subsidy Really Ineffective to the Poor? Evidence from China

IFSTAL seminar 7: "Decision makers and influence in food systems – a critical engagement"

LCIRAH Seminar 28th January 2016, 12.45 - Investigating inter-sector coherence between agriculture and social protection: the cases of Zambia and Ghana

ANH Academy Week - Addis Ababa, 20-24 June 2016

Seminar: Agriculture, development and malaria control in sub-Saharan Africa

Food system ‘actors’ and their activities

Launch of Agriculture to Nutrition (ATONU)

Integration and regulations for a net food exporting country

London launch of the Innovative Food Systems Teaching and Learning (IFSTAL) programme

Reducing socio-economic inequalities in obesity, the role of population prevention

It is time: Valuing women's time in nutrition research and policy

From village chickens to maternal and child health: food and nutrition security through an Ecohealth lens