Meet the ANH2020 team

The ANH Academy Week is the sum or many parts, with invaluable contributions from a truly international group of stakeholders. We express our sincere thanks to the people around the world who so kindly give up their time and expertise to make the event possible!

Logistics & Organising Committee

Abel Endashaw (Chair), IMMANA Programme, LSHTM
Leonard Banda, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR)
Megan DeeneyIMMANA Programme, LSHTM
Tigist Defabachew, A4NH/IFPRI
Alessia Gasco, LCIRAH & London International Deverlopment Centre
Zachary Gersten, University of Michigan
Janet Hodur, A4NH/IFPRI
Ore Kolade, IMMANA Programme, LSHTM
Sylvia Levy, IMMANA Programme, LSHTM
Elena Martinez, Tufts University
Lauren McIntyre, IMMANA Programme, LSHTM
Hallie Perlick, Tufts University
Thalia Sparling, LSHTM & Tufts University
Heike Rolker, IMMANA Programme, LSHTM
Joe Yates, IMMANA Programme, LSHTM

LCIRAH Programme Committee

Cami Moss, LSHTM
Cherry Law, LSHTM
Dominic Rowland, SOAS
Emily Fivian, LSHTM
Fiorella Picchioni, University of Reading
Jody Harris, IDS
Kenda Cunningham, Helen Keller International
Kevin Queenan, RVC
Louise Whatford, RVC
Paula Dominiguez-Salas, LSHTM
Phil James, LSHTM
Soledad Cuevas, SOAS


Volunteers and event managers

Betta Aurino, Imperial College London
Celestine Chime, University of Ghana
Chloe Durant, Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition and Health
Chris Turner, Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich
Collins Larkai, University of Ghana
Ebenezer Amoquandoh, University of Ghana
Greg Cooper, SOAS
Fran Harris, LSHTM
Jack Ryan, Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition and Health
Jessica Lawler, Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition and Health
Julius Nornoo, University of Ghana
Kallista Chanm, LSHTM
Nana Anima, University of Ghana
Naomi Bull, GCRF Stunting Hub
Niamh Kelly, Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition and Health
Prince Addey Owusu, University of Ghana
Susannah Brown, Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition and Health





Scientific Committee

Jeff Waage, LCIRAH (Chair)
Suneetha Kadiyala, LSHTM (Co-Chair)
Alan Dangour, LSHTM
Alexander Kalimbira, LUANAR
Andrew Jones, University of Michigan
Anna Herforth, Ag2Nut and Harvard School of Public Health
Bharati Kulkarni, ICMR National Institute of Nutrition
Carol Levin, University of Washington
Christine Blake, University of Southern Carolina
Edward Joy, LSHTM
Eike Luedeling, University of Bonn
Elizabeth Hull, SOAS  
Emorn Udomkesmalee, Mahidol University
Francis Zotor, African Nutrition Society
Giacomo Zanello, University of Reading
Grace Marquis, McGill University
Haris Gazdar, Collective of Social Science Research
Inge Brouwer, Wageningen University & Research
Jan Low, International Potato Center, CGIAR
Jess Fanzo, John Hopkins University
Joe Yates, LSHTM
John McDermott, IFPRI/A4NH
Joyce Kinabo, Sokoine University
Mark Korir, AERC
Mjabu Ngidi, Africa Centre
Namukolo Covic, IFPRI  
Nicola Lowe, University of Central Lancaster
Nilofer Fatimi, Dow University of Health Sciences
Patson Nalivata, LUANAR
Robyn Alders, University of Sydney & Chatham House
Scott Drimie, Southern Africa Food Lab, Stellenbosch University
Swetha Manohar, Johns Hopkins University
Thalia Sparling, LSHTM
Umi Fahmida, SEAMEO RECFON, Indonesia
Will Masters, Tufts University

Key advisors on hosting virtual academic events

Alan Dangour, SHEFS programme at LSHTM
Kirsten Dawes, SHEFS programme at LSHTM
Francesca Harris, SHEFS programme at LSHTM
Kevin Queenan, SHEFS programme at RVC
Pauline Scheelbeek, SHEFS programme at LSHTM
Maureen Yuemeng Li, MULCH programme at Tufts University
Parke Wilde, MULCH programme at Tufts University


Meet the Logistics & Organising Committee

Abel Endashaw, Chair, Logistics Committee
Programme Coordinator, IMMANA Programme and ANH Academy, LSHTM

Leonard Banda
Researcher, Geo-Nutrition Project, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR)

Megan Deeney
Research Assistant, IMMANA Programme, LSHTM


Tigist Defabachew
Contracts and Grants Manager, A4NH/IFPRI

Discovered a beautiful hiking trial close to me. Taking a regular walk, observing the season change since March has been very helpful to keep me and my family sane!

Alessia Gasco
LCIRAH Project Coordinator and Communications Manager, Action Against Stunting Hub

Fun fact -what kept me sane during pandemic:  I got a second job as a vegan burgers maker for my boyfriend!

Zachary Gersten, MPH
PhD student, University of Michigan

One thing that has been keeping me sane during lockdown is growing my hair out again!

Ore Kolade
Programme and Grants Funding Manager, IMMANA Programme and ANH Academy, LSHTM

"What keeps me sane - every day, I aim for a one hour walk to get away from juggling work, home-schooling and housework."

Sylvia Levy
Communications Officer, IMMANA Programme and ANH Academy, LSHTM

"I'm an avid Saxophone and Clarinet player with a sweet spot for jazz. My big band recently recorded a lockdown cover of Blackbird by the Beatles!"

Elena Martinez
PhD Candidate, Tufts University

When I'm not studying nutrition, health, and economics, I like to run, bike, and read Latin American literature.

Lauren McIntyre
Research Uptake Manager, IMMANA Programme and ANH Academy, LSHTM

"Our kittens Ralph and Rodney have been keeping me in the moment, providing lots of laughs and comfort during lockdown."

Hallie Perlick
Project Administrator, IMMANA Fellowships, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University

"Fun fact: I don’t eat blue food"

Heike Rolker
Research Assistant, IMMANA Programme, LSHTM


Thalia Sparling, IMMANA Postdoctoral Fellow
LSHTM & Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University
"The best thing about the pandemic quarantine has been maintaining my volunteering at Surrey Docks City Farm and growing my garden plot there -- this spring we've welcomed dozens of new lambs, goat kids and piglets! There is nothing more therapeutic or better company than new life."

Joe Yates
Co-Director, ANH Academy, IMMANA Programme, LSHTM

Just as lockdown began my daughter was born and I took on a vegetable patch…One is very rewarding and the other is hard work!