Poultry egg production and utilization among women participating in the Nutrition Links Project in a rural district of Ghana

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Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 13:00 to 14:30



This event is part of the Webinar Series “Agriculture-Nutrition-Health linkages: Research in the African context”.


The Upper Manya Krobo District (UMKD) is an underserved rural district in the Eastern Region of Ghana with high rates of anaemia (66%) and stunting (17%) among young children under 5 years of age and  women of child-bearing age (48% are anaemic). Poor nutrition contributes to about one-third of child mortality, diminishes cognitive development, and is a major cause of maternal mortality and poor birth outcomes. Agriculture-nutrition interventions have been identified to help address these challenges. The Nutrition Links is a 5-year integrated agriculture-nutrition project that aimed to improve nutrition and well-being of vulnerable populations in UMKD. The project included a small cluster randomized controlled trial that strengthened capacity in home gardening, health care, nutrition education, and poultry.

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About the webinar series

The ANH Academy and the African Nutrition Society have launched a new webinar series exploring critical links between agriculture, livelihoods, health and individual and household nutrition in Africa.

The webinars invite early career researchers from across the Academy and ANS membership to discuss research methodologies, metrics and policy implications of studies that seek to better understand, measure and analyse these linkages. The series is designed to foster meaningful, innovative and international peer-to-peer conversations by utilising the global ANH Academy research network and ANS membership.

The webinar series brings together researchers from around the globe working at the interdisciplinary crossroads of agriculture-nutrition-health to explore emerging issues, share ideas and identify critical issues that will drive future research in the African context. With a strong research focus, the series will provide a platform for early career researchers to share their on-going work and topical studies, and engage with the international research community around issues that are pertinent in Africa, with lesson learning for other contexts.

Webinars will take place on a monthly basis and the ANH Academy online forum will be used to facilitate the cross-fertilisation of ideas, experiences, relevant research and resources among participants and presenters between sessions.



Speaker: Afua Atuobi-Yeboah, Project Manager on the Nutrition Links Project (Building Capacity for Sustainable Livelihoods through Public-Private Linkages in Health System)

Chair: Chair: Dr. Richmond Aryeetey, Senior Lecturer with the University of Ghana School of Public Health