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Mr Abel Endashaw

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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Job title

Programme Coordinator



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Sectoral expertise

International Development

Disciplinary Expertise

Academic Support, Communication, Development studies, Human Rights, Refugees and Migration; US Food Aid

Area of interest

Agricultural production, Agriculture, Rural development, Food safety, Food, Food trade, Gender dynamics, Governance and policy, Resilience, Safety nets and vulnerability, Climate change, Sustainability, Sustainable diets, Urbanisation, Water and sanitation


Members introduction

I am currently the Programme Coordinator for IMMANA programme, mainly working on the Agriculture, Nutrition & Health (ANH) Academy; a global research network in agriculture and food systems for improved nutrition and health to serve as a platform for learning and sharing. I have a MSc in Migration, Mobility and Development from SOAS, University of London. I also hold a Masters in Development Studies from Uppsala University, Sweden, and spent a semester at Stockholm University reading Education and International Development. LinkedIn Profile


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2 years 5 months