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Dr Agatha Christine Onyango

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Maseno University

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Senior Lecturer

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academia and research, Community nutrition, Food Security, Nutrition, Public health and nutrition

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Dietary Assessment, food and nutrition, Food Security, Nutrition

Area of interest

Agricultural production, Agriculture, Consumption, Food, Food security, Diet quality, Health, Maternal and child health, Biodiversity, Sustainability


Members introduction

I am a senior lecturer and chairperson in the Department of Nutrition and Health. I conduct community research in food security and HIV and AIDS and maternal and child nutrition. I have been engaged in research collaborative institution Geroge Maseno University in the US. Iam passionate about nutrition related activties in trying to improve nutrition and health in kenya.

Academic publications

Recent publications

Juma R.J., Onyango A.C. and Ouma C. (2020).  The Role of Trace Minerals in Depression: A Review of Selenium Iron and Copper. EC Nutrition 15.3 (2020): 01-06.  

Mutwika L.K, Onyango A.C. and Okeyo D.O. (2019). Socio-Demographic Determinants of Birth Weight Status of Babies Born at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital, Kenya. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, 9(3): 1-7.

Gewa C.A., Onyango A.C., Angano FO., Stabile B., Komwa M., Thomas P. & Krall J. (2019). Mothers’ beliefs about Indigenous and Traditional Food Affordability, Availability and Taste are Significant Predictors of Indigenous and Traditional Food Consumption among Mothers and Young Children in Rural Kenya. Public Health Nutrition. doi:10.1017/S1368980019001848.

Tonui K.K, Njogu E. and Onyango A.C. (2018): Dietary intake of HIV-seropositive clients attending Longisa County Hospital Comprehensive Care Clinic, Bomet County, Kenya. South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2018: 1–5.

Tonui K.K, Onyango A.C. and Njogu E. (2018): Household Food Security and Nutritional status of HIV Sero-positive Patients in Longisa County Hospital, Kenya. Journal of Nutrition and dietetics 2018: 2(1): 33-41 ISSN 2415-5195.

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Determinants of Childhood Obesity

Indigenous Foods and Food Security in Kenya


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