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Anita Lewis

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Ms Anita Lewis

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I AM CLEAN ENERGY/Roaring Brook Farm

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North America, United States

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North America, United States

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Agriculture, Climate change, communication and behaviour and social change, Community Engagement, Community nutrition, Human Rights, International Development, Nutrition, Organic Agriculture, public health, Public health and nutrition, Rural development & gender, sustainable agriculture

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Biological sciences, climate change, Development studies, Human Rights, Nurse, Nutrition, Public health, Social and behavior change communications; strategic communications; social marketing; gender, Sustainability, Water Resource Engineering and Managment

Area of interest

Agricultural production, Agriculture, Forestry, Rural development, Consumption, Food, Food safety, Food security, Food value chains, Gender dynamics, Governance and policy, Resilience, Safety nets and vulnerability, Health systems, Health, Maternal and child health, Zoonoses, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Climate change, Sustainable diets, Urbanisation, Water and sanitation


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Nurse, farmer, CEO, I AM CLEAN ENERGY, LLC.  Co-Founder, Empathy Surplus Project, Member: Amer Society of Civil Engineers, Trustee: local wetlands, Assoc. Supv'r: Greene Soil & Water Conserv District, Rotarian Action Group For Peace.   Promotes Human Rights, a poison-free environment & a resource-based, caring, circular economy.   Based in Ohio, works in USA, Saudi Arabia and Guyana, South America.  


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