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Anna Herforth

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Dr Anna Herforth

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Columbia University

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Independent Consultant and Researcher

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Adjunct Associate Research Scientist


North America, United States

Country of current residence

North America, United States

Expertise and interests

Sectoral expertise

Agriculture and food systems, Camelus bactrianus, Camelus dromedarius, Food policy, Food Security, International Development, Nutrition, public health, Gender and M&E

Disciplinary Expertise

Agriculture Statistics, Agroecosystems health, Dietary Assessment, Epidemiology, food insecurity and undernourishment, Nutrition, production economics and impact evaluation, Public health, Social and behavior change communications; strategic communications; social marketing; gender, Sociology, Sustainability, Wild edible plants and Non Timber Forest Products

Area of interest

Agricultural production, Agriculture, Rural development, Consumption, Food, Food markets, Food security, Resilience, Governance and policy, Diet quality, Health, Health systems, Maternal and child health, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Sustainable diets


Members introduction

I focus on the links between agriculture, food systems and nutrition. My background is in International Nutrition (Ph.D.) and Plant Science (B.S.) at Cornell, and Food Policy and Applied Nutrition at Tufts (M.S.). Currently I hold an IMMANA grant, gratefully received. I co-lead the Ag2Nut Community of Practice, an online forum with members in over 90 countries.

Academic publications

Recent publications

Herforth A, Ballard T. Nutrition indicators in agriculture projects: Current measurement, priorities, and gaps. Global Food Security. In press.

Herforth, A. 2016. How Agriculture Can Boost Nutrition. Rural 21, 50(1): p6-8.

Herforth A. 2015. Access to Adequate Nutritious Food: New indicators to track progress and inform action. In: Sahn, D (ed.): The Fight against Hunger and Malnutrition. Oxford University Press. 

Herforth A, Gill M (Eds). Strengthening the links between nutrition and health outcomes and agricultural research. Food Security, June 2015, 7(3).

Herforth A, Gill M, Lidder P. 2015. Strengthening the links between nutrition and health outcomes and agricultural research. Introduction to a special section of Food Security 7(3): 457-461.

Herforth A, Ahmed S. 2015. The food environment, its effects on dietary consumption, and potential for measurement within agriculture-nutrition interventions. Food Security 7(3): 505-520.

Powell B, Ickowitz A, Termote C, Thilsted S, Sunderland T, Herforth A. 2015. Strategies to improve diets with wild and cultivated biodiversity from across the landscape. Food Security 7(3): 535-554.

Gillespie S, van den Bold M, Hodge J, Herforth A. 2015. Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia and East Africa: Examining the enabling environment through stakeholder perceptions. Food Security 7(3): 463-477.

Hodge J, Herforth A, Gillespie S, Beyero M, Wagah M, Semakula R. 2015. Is there an enabling environment for nutrition-sensitive agriculture in East Africa? Stakeholder perspectives from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. Food and Nutrition Bulletin 36(4): 503-519.

Herforth A, Frongillo E, Sassi F, Mclean M, Arabi M, Tirado C, Remans R, Mantilla G, Thomson M, Pingali P. 2014. Toward an integrated approach to nutritional quality, environmental sustainability, and economic viability: research and measurement gaps. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. DOI: 10.1111/nyas.12552

Ahmed S, Herforth A. 2013. Future Food: Use Local Knowledge. Nature 499: 409.

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Herforth A.  2010. Nutrition and the Environment: Fundamental to Food Security for Africa.  In: Pinstrup-Andersen P (editor), The African Food System and its Interaction with Human Health and Nutrition: Research and Policy Priorities. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

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Improving Nutrition through Agriculture. 2014. USAID-SPRING Technical Brief Series.

World Bank. 2013. Improving Nutrition through Multisectoral Approaches.

FAO. 2013. Synthesis of Guiding Principles on Agriculture Programming for Nutrition.

Herforth A, Jones A, Pinstrup-Andersen P. 2012. Prioritizing Nutrition in Agriculture and Rural Development: Guiding Principles for Operational Investments.  HNP Discussion Paper.  Washington, D.C.: The World Bank.

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