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Ms Kate Schneider

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Tufts University

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PhD candidate

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North America

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United States

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academia and research, Agriculture and food systems, Food policy, Food Security, Nutrition, Public health and nutrition

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Agricultural Development, Agricultural Economics, Agriculture Statistics, food and nutrition, food insecurity and undernourishment, Food policy, Food Security, Nutrition, Public health

Area of interest

Rural development, Agriculture, Consumption, Food, Food markets, Food safety, Food security, Food value chains, Gender dynamics, Governance and policy, Safety nets and vulnerability, Diet quality, Health, Climate change, Sustainability, Urbanisation


Members introduction

I am a PhD candidate in Food Policy and Applied Nutrition at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University. My research interests are focused broadly on food security and poverty reduction. Prior to Tufts, I was a program officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in agricultural development focusing on gender and food systems among other things.

Academic publications

Recent publications

Schneider, K & Masters, W. 2019. Orange Fanta vs orange fruit: A novel measure of nutrition knowledge in Malawi. Maternal and Child Nutrition 15:e12656. Seymour, G., Masuda, Y., Williams, J., Schneider, K. 2019. Maternal and child nutritional outcomes among the time and income poor in rural Bangladesh. Global Food Security, (20), 82-92. doi:1016/j.gfs.2019.01.004 Schneider, K. & Herforth, A. 2020. Software tools for practical application of human nutrient requirements in food-based social science research.

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