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Dr Kelvin Mashisia Shikuku

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Post doctoral research fellow

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Africa, Kenya

Country of current residence

Asia, Malaysia

Expertise and interests

Sectoral expertise

academia and research, Agriculture and food systems, Climate change, climate change adaptation and vulnerability assessments, communication and behaviour and social change, Food policy, Value chains

Disciplinary Expertise

Agricultural Development, Agricultural Economics, climate change, Climate Smart Agriculture, Economics and Finance, Food policy, production economics and impact evaluation, Social and behavior change communications; strategic communications; social marketing; gender

Area of interest

Agricultural production, Agriculture, Aquaculture/ fisheries, Rural development, Consumption, Food, Food safety, Food security, Food value chains, Resilience, Governance and policy, Diet quality, Health, Climate change, Sustainability, Sustainable diets


Academic publications

Recent publications

  1. Shikuku K.M., Pieters, J., Bulte, E., Laderach, P., 2019. Incentives and the Diffusion of Agricultural Knowledge: Experimental Evidence from Northern Uganda. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 101(4): 1164–1180; doi: 10.1093/ajae/aaz010.
  2. Shikuku, K.M., 2019. Information Exchange Links, Knowledge Exposure, and Adoption of Agricultural Technologies in Northern Uganda. World Development, 115, 94–106.
  3. Shikuku, K.M., Okello, J.J., Wambugu, S., Sindi, K., Low, J., and McEwan, M., 2019. Nutrition and Food Security Impacts of One-Time Provision of ‘Quality Planting Materials’ of Biofortified Crops: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato Farmers in Tanzania. World Development,
  4. Shikuku, K.M., Okello, J.J., Sindi, K., Low, J.W., McEwan M., 2019. Effect of Farmers’ Multidimensional Beliefs on Adoption of Biofortified Crops: Evidence from Sweetpotato Farmers in Tanzania. Journal of Development Studies, 55(2), 227–242.


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