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Ms Akua Tandoh

Organisation name

School of Public Health, University of Ghana

Job title

PhD Candidate

Country of current residence

Africa, Ghana

Expertise and interests

Sectoral expertise

academia and research, Food policy, Nutrition, Nutritional Epidemiology, Public health and nutrition

Disciplinary Expertise

Academic Support, food and nutrition, Nutrition, Public health

Area of interest

Consumption, Food, Food markets, Food safety, Food security, Food trade, Food value chains, Gender dynamics, Governance and policy, Resilience, Safety nets and vulnerability, Diet quality, Health, Health systems, Maternal and child health, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Climate change, Sustainable diets, Urbanisation


Academic publications

Recent publications

Laar Amos, Barnes Amy, Aryeetey Richmond, Tandoh Akua, Bash Kristin, Mensah Kobby, Zotor Francis, Vandevijvere Stefanie, Holdsworth Michelle (2020). Implementation of healthy food environment policies to prevent nutrition-related non-communicable diseases in Ghana: National experts’ assessment of government action. Food Policy, 93. doi:  


Pradeilles Rebecca, Marr Colette, Laar Amos, Holdsworth Michelle, Zotor Francis, Tandoh Akua, Klomegah Senam, Coleman Nathaniel, Bash Kristin, Green Mark, Griffiths Paula (2019). How ready are communities to implement actions to improve diets of adolescent girls and women in urban Ghana? BMC Public Health 19:646


Laar Amos, Kotoh Agnes, Parker Megan, Milani Peiman, Tawiah Charlotte, Soor Shobhita, Anankware Jacob, Kalra Nikhila, Manu Grace, Tandoh Akua, Zobrist Stephanie, Engmann Cyril, Pelto Gretel (2017).  Exploration of Edible Palm Weevil Larvae (Akokono) as a Source of Nutrition and Livelihood: Perspectives from Ghanaian Stakeholders. Food and Nutrition Bulletin, 38(4), 455–467



Recent Projects

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MEALS4NCDS Project: Measuring the healthiness of Ghanaian children’s food environments to prevent obesity and non-communicable diseases

TACLED project: Transitions in African Cities Leveraging Evidence for Diet-related non communicable diseases

DFC Project: Dietary transitions in Ghanaian cities


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2 months 15 hours