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Prof Kwame Frimpong

Organisation name

University of Cape Coast

Job title

Associate Professor


Africa, Ghana

Country of current residence

Africa, Ghana

Expertise and interests

Sectoral expertise

academia and research, Agriculture

Disciplinary Expertise

Climate Smart Agriculture, soil feritility and science

Area of interest

Agricultural production, Agriculture, Rural development


Academic publications

Recent publications

  1. Jiang, R.,  Gunina, A., Anna., Qu, D.,  Kuzyakov.,  Yu., Y., Hatano, R.,  Frimpong,K.A.,& Li, M. , 2019. Afforestation of loess soils: Old and new organic carbon in aggregates and density fractions. Catena 177: 49-56.
  2. D.O. Yawson, D.O., Adu, M.O., Mulholland. Balle, T., Frimpong,K.A., Mohang, S. & White. P.J. 2019. Regional variations in potential groundwater recharge from spring barley crop fields in the UK under projected climate change. Groundwater for Sustainable Development 8: 332–345
  3. Mensah, A.K. Frimpong, K.A. 2018. Biochar and/or Compost Applications Improve Soil Properties, Growth, and Yield of Maize Grown in Acidic Rainforest and Coastal Savannah Soils in Ghana. International Journal of Agronomy Volume 2018, Article ID 6837404, 8 pages
  4. Amoakwah, E; Frimpong. K.A., Okae-Anti, D & Arthur, E. 2017. Soil water retention, air flow and pore structure characteristics after corn cob biochar application to a tropical sandy loam. Geoderma 307:189-197 December 2017. DOI:10.1016/j.geoderma.2017.08.025
  5. Amoakwah, E., Frimpong, K.A., Arthur, E. 2017. Corn Cob Biochar Improves Aggregate Characteristics of a Tropical Sandy Loam. 2017. Soil Science Society of America Journal. Soil Science Society of America Journal. DOI: 10.2136/sssaj2017.04.0112  
  6. Frimpong, K.A., Amoakwah, E., Osei, B.A., Arthur, E. 2016. Changes in soil chemical properties and lettuce, yield response following incorporation of biochar and cow dung to highly weathered acidic soils. Journal of Organic Agriculture and Environment 4(1), 4-16
  7. Frimpong, K.A & Osei, B.A, 2016. Growth, yield and leaf nutrient composition of lettuce grown in silty loam soil amended with compost at different rates. Journal of Organic Agriculture and Environment, 4 (1), 28-39
  8. Sam-Amoah, L.K., Yawson, D.O., Frimpong, K.A. Abole, E. 2016. Status and challenges of the higher agricultural education sector in Ghana. African Journal of Rural Development. 12, 159-169

Recent Projects

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1. Green economy, inclusive growth and employment (WEBSOC), 2014-2019 2. Carbon and nutrient dynamics in biochar co-composts and their effects on C balances, soil properties and crop yields in Ghana 2018-2022 3. Development of sustainable commercial pinea


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