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nilofer fatimi safdar

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Dr Nilofer Fatimi Safdar

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School of Public Health, Dow University of Health Sciences

Job title

Program Director Nutritional Sciences

Scientific Title

Associate Prof


Asia, Pakistan

Country of current residence

Asia, Pakistan

Expertise and interests

Sectoral expertise

academia and research, Community nutrition, Food Security, Nutrition, Public health and nutrition

Disciplinary Expertise

Dietary Assessment, food and nutrition, food insecurity and undernourishment, Food Security, Nutrition, Public health

Area of interest

Food security, Food, Gender dynamics, Governance and policy, Diet quality, Health, Maternal and child health, Sustainable diets, Sustainability


Members introduction

Her professional experience in nutrition is over 30 yrs. A PhD in Public Health Nutrition & Masters in Clinical nutrition & Fellowship in International Nutrition from USA.   Recipient of Fulbright Scholarship, Hubert Humphrey Fellowship & Australia Awards. Awarded Omega Public Health Excellence' award in 2013.  Initiated  Nutrition degree program in Sind. Won projects from DFAT, British Council, HEC & Australian Govt.

Academic publications

Recent publications

1. Safdar NF Do dietary patterns explain high prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors
among Pakistani urban adults? A cross sectional study BMC Nutrition (2016) 2:58
2. Beenish Mehboob, Nilofer Safdar Fatimi, Sidra Zaheer. Socio-economic,
environmental and demographic determinants of rise in obesity among Pakistani
women: A Systematic Review. JPMA Vol. 66, No. 9, September 2016.
3. Fayza Rani, Nilofer Fatimi Safdar. A Cross Sectional Study Assessing the Prevalence
of Modifiable Risk Factors of Diet Related Chronic Disease in Tertiary Care Hospital
Employees. (ASH & KMDC 21(1):9; 2016).

4. Safdar NF. Repositioning nutrition education: challenge for public health. J Dow Uni
Health Sci 2015; 9(3)
5. Safdar NF, Bertone-Johnson E, Cordeiro L, Jafar TH, Cohen NL. Dietary Patterns
6. Associated with Hypertension among Low Income Urban Population (5491) in Pakistan. Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 2015 ;24(4).

7. Safdar NF, Bertone-Johnson E, Cordeiro L, Jafar TH, Cohen NL. Dietary patterns
of Pakistani adults and their associations with sociodemographic, anthropometric and life-style factors. Journal of Nutritional Science. 2013:e42.

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1. ‘NRPU-HEC, Association between micronutrients level and CVD risk factors among Pakistani adolescents’


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