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Africa, Nigeria

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Africa, Nigeria

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academia and research, Agri-business, agribusiness management and consultancy, Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS), Agriculture, Agriculture and food systems, agroecology, Agroforestry, Climate change, climate change adaptation and vulnerability assessments, Organic Agriculture, Smallholder agriculture, soil fertility and plant nutrition, sustainable agriculture, Value addition, Value chains

Disciplinary Expertise

Agribusiness Incubation, Agric economics, Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics, Agricultural Development, Agricultural Economics, Agriculture Statistics, Agroecology, Agroecosystems health, History of Agriculture and Environment, Natural Resource Management and agroecology, soil feritility and science, Sustainability

Area of interest

Agricultural production, Agriculture, Aquaculture/ fisheries, Forestry, Livestock, Rural development, Food security, Food, Food value chains, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Climate change, Urbanisation, Water and sanitation


Members introduction

Dr. Osuji Emeka Emmanuel  is Ph.D holder at Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Nigeria. An adept academic and innovative researcher with numerous scientific publications to his credits. He is a member of various professional bodies. 

Academic publications

Recent publications

1. Osuji, E. E., Okwara, M. O., Essien, U. A., Balogun, O. L. and Agu, C. G. (2019). Sustainability of climate change adaptation measures in south-south, Nigeria,  Agricultural and Food Science Journal. U.S.A. 6(1): 120-126

2. Henri-Ukoha, A., Osuji, E. E., Effiong, J. A. L., Eze, E. U., and Anyanwu, U. G. (2019). Financing Climate Smart Agriculture: A Panacea for Sustainable Food Production in Nigeria. Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science. 7(3): 36-44

3. Osuji, E.E., Anyanwu, U.G., Effiong, J.A.L., Okwara, M. O., Tim-Ashama, A.,and Praise, C. N. (2019).  Agricultural Land Management Policies in South-SouthNigeria.Implications for Sustainable Environment and Agriculture. Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science. 7(3): 54-61.

4. Osuji, E.E., Okwara, M.O., Effiong, J.A.L and Tim-Ashama, A. (2018). Implications of Macro-Economic Variables for National Food Security in Nigeria. Open Journal of Agricultural Science, 1 (1): 01-11, 2018

5. Emeka Emmanuel Osuji, Nnamdi Chukwuemeka Ehirim, Olubunmi Lawrence Balogun (2018). Impact of Sustainable Soil Management Techniques on Farm Output of Arable Crop Farmers in Imo State, Nigeria. International Journal of BioSciences, Agriculture and Technology, 9 (3):16-23

6. Osuji, E.E., Okwara, M.O., Praise, C.N, Effiong, J. A. L., Tim-Ashama, A., Agu C.G. (2018). Sustainability of Agricultural Practices among Farming Households in Imo State, Nigeria.  International Journal of Applied Research and Technology, USA., 7(5): 16 – 21  

7. Osuji, E. E. (2018). Assessment of Factors Influencing the Use Intensity of Improved Soil Management Practices in Imo State, Nigeria. Scientific Papers Series Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development, 18(1) 305-3010.

8. Emeka Osuji, Uchechi Anyanwu, Melissa Okwara, and Akunna Tim-Ashama (2018). Implications of Agricultural Practices on Land Productivity of Farming Households in Imo State, Nigeria. Scientific Papers Series Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development, 18(1) 299-304.

9. Osuji, E.E., Okwara, M.O., Anyanwu, U.G., Effiong, J.A.L., Praise, C.N., IrebuisiD.C (2018).  Economics of Farm Outputs of Arable Crop Farmers Using Improved Soil Management Techniques in Imo State, Nigeria. International Journal of Agriculture and Earth Science. 4(3): 1-7.

10. Ejike R. D., Osuji E. E., Okwara M. O., Effiong J. A. L. (2018). Gender Dimension in Agricultural Food Value Chain Development in Nigeria: The Women Perspective International Journal of Economics and Business Management, 4(5):14-22


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