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Dr Pepijn Schreinemachers

Organisation name

World Vegetable Center

Job title

Senior Scientist

Scientific Title

Research Program Leader - Enabling Impact


Europe, Netherlands

Country of current residence

Asia, Thailand

Expertise and interests

Sectoral expertise

Agriculture, Agriculture and food systems

Disciplinary Expertise

Agricultural Development, Agricultural Economics, Development studies, Environmental sciences, food insecurity and undernourishment, Food policy, Food Security, Horticulture

Area of interest

Agricultural production, Agriculture, Consumption, Food, Food markets, Food safety, Food security, Food trade, Food value chains, Resilience, Governance and policy, Diet quality, Health, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Climate change, Sustainable diets


Members introduction

I am Research Program Leader for Enabling Impact at the World Vegetable Center (WorldVeg) based in Bangkok, Thailand. I study how programs and policies can contribute to improving the income of farmers through vegetables and how people's diets can be diversified by including more vegetables. My work focuses on safer vegetable production using less pesticides, home and school gardens, scaling of vegetable varieties, vegetable seed systems, and vegetable value chains.

Academic publications

Recent publications

Shrestha, R.M., P. Schreinemachers, M.G. Nyangmi, M. Sah, J. Phuong, S. Manandhar, R.-Y. Yang. 2020. Home-grown school feeding: assessment of a pilot program in Nepal. BMC Public Health.


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