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Dr Rainier Masa

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

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Assistant Professor

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Asia, Philippines

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North America, United States

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academia and research

Disciplinary Expertise

food and nutrition, food insecurity and undernourishment, Food Security, Social and behavior change communications; strategic communications; social marketing; gender

Area of interest

Rural development, Agriculture, Consumption, Food, Food security, Diet quality, Health, Sustainable diets, Sustainability


Members introduction

I am an assistant professor at the School of Social Work, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My research focuses on the microeconomic and social aspects of health in low-resource settings, including the intersection of food and HIV and food and nutrition insecurity in adolescents and young adults. I have a PhD (UNC at Chapel Hill) and a Masters (Washington University in St. Louis) degree in Social Work, and a bachelors degree from the Philippines (University of Santo Tomas).

Academic publications

Recent publications

Masa, R. & Chowa, G. (in press). Household food insecurity and educational outcomes in school-going adolescents in Ghana. Public Health Nutrition.

Masa, R., Bates, C., & Chowa, G. (in press). Direct and indirect associations of food insecurity, adolescent-parent relationship, and adolescent future orientation. Journal of Family Issues.

Masa, R., Khan, Z., & Chowa, G. (2020) .Youth food insecurity in Ghana and South Africa: Prevalence, socioeconomic correlates, and moderation effect of gender. Children and Youth Services Review.

Masa, R., & Chowa, G. (2019). Correlates of animal source food consumption and its association with psychosocial functioning of adults in rural Uganda. Food Security, 11(3), 665–667. doi: 10.1007/s12571-019-00924-z

Masa, R., Graham, L., Khan, Z., Chowa, G., & Patel, L. (2019). Food insecurity, sexual risk taking, and sexual victimization in Ghanaian adolescents and young South African adults. International Journal of Public Health, 64(2), 153-163. doi:10.1007/s00038-018-1155-x

Masa, R., Chowa, G., & Nyirenda, V. (2018). Socioeconomic correlates of dietary diversity and its association with self-reported adherence and psychosocial functioning of people living with HIV in rural Zambia. Nutrition and Health, 24(2), 93–102. doi:10.1177/0260106018761282

Masa, R., Chowa, G., & Nyirenda, V. (2018). Chuma na Uchizi: A livelihood intervention to increase food security of people living with HIV in rural Zambia. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 29(1), 349–372. doi:10.1353/hpu.2018.0024

Masa, R., Chowa, G., & Bates, C. (2018). Household food insecurity and future orientation of Ghanaian youth and their parents. Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies, 13(2), 170–182. doi:10.1080/17450128.2017.1392054

Masa, R., & Chowa, G. (2018). Food security of people living with HIV: A review of programs and evidence in resource-limited settings. HIV & AIDS Review. International Journal of HIV-Related Problems. 17(1), 1-7. doi:10.5114/hivar.2018.73977

Masa, R., & Chowa, G. (2017). A multi-level conceptual framework to understand the role of food insecurity on antiretroviral therapy adherence in low-resource settings: From theory to practice. Social Work in Public Health, 32(5), 324-338. doi:10.1080/19371918.2017.1289874

Masa, R., Chowa, G., & Nyirenda, V. (2017). Prevalence and predictors of food insecurity among people living with HIV enrolled in antiretroviral therapy and livelihood programs in two rural Zambian hospitals. Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 56, 256-276. doi:10.1080/03670244.2017.1311256


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