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Robyn Alders

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Prof Robyn Alders

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Centre for Universal Health

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Senior Consulting Fellow

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Oceania, Australia

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Oceania, Australia

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academia and research, Agriculture and food systems, Food Security, Gender, veterinary

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Academic Support, Agroecology, Animal science/ animal husbandary, Climate Smart Agriculture, food and nutrition, Food Security, Veterinary medicine

Area of interest

Livestock, Agriculture, Food safety, Food, Food security, Gender dynamics, Governance and policy, Diet quality, Health, One Health, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Climate change, Sustainable diets


Members introduction

I'm a Senior Consulting Fellow with the Chatham House Centre for Universal Health, Chair of the Kyeema Foundation, an Honorary Professor with the Development Policy Centre within the Australian National University and an Adjunct Professor at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University. 

Academic publications

Recent publications


Alders, R., de Bruyn, J., Wingett, K. and Wong, J.  2017.  One Health, Veterinarians and the nexus between disease and food security.  Australian Veterinary Journal 95(12):451–453 DOI:10.1111/avj.12645

Alders, R., Costa, R., Gallardo, R.A., Sparks, N., Zhou, H., 2019. Smallholder Poultry: Contributions to Food and Nutrition Security. In: Ferranti, P., Berry, E.M., Anderson, J.R. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Food Security and Sustainability, vol. 3, pp. 292–298. Elsevier. ISBN: 9780128126875

Alders, R., Costa, R., Gallardo, R.A., Sparks, N., Zhou, H., 2019. Smallholder Poultry: Leveraging for Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security. In: Ferranti, P., Berry, E.M., Anderson, J.R. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Food Security and Sustainability, vol. 3, pp. 340–346. Elsevier. ISBN: 9780128126875

Alders, R.G., Dumas, S.E., Rukambile, E., Magoke, G., Maulaga, W., Jong, J. and Costa, R.  2018.  Family poultry: multiple roles, systems, challenges and options for sustainable contributions to household nutrition security through a Planetary Health lens.  Matern Child Nutr. 2018;14(S3):e12668,

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Alders, R. and Kock, R.  2017.  What's food and nutrition security got to do with wildlife conservation?  Australian Zoologist 39(1):120-126.

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Alders, R., Nunn, M., Chartres, C., Grenning, C., Cordell, D., Neilson, J., and Soem, T.  2018.  Delivering the promise of international agriculture and food and nutrition security development in the Anthropocene.  Development Bulletin 79:99-100.

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Bartter, J, Diffey, H., Yeung, Y.H., O’Leary, F., Häsler, B., Maulaga, W. and Alders, R.  2018.  Use of chicken eggshell to improve dietary calcium intake in rural sub-Saharan Africa.  Matern Child Nutr. 2018; 14(S3):e12649,  

Boylan, S.M., Beyer, K., Schlosberg, D., Mortimer, A., Hime, N.J., Scalley, B., Alders, R., Covalan, C., Capon. T. A proposed conceptual framework to guide development of policy to address the human health and well-being impacts of climate change in New South Wales.  Public Health Research and Practice 28(4):e2841826.

de Bruyn, J., Bagnol, B., Darnton-Hill, I., Maulaga, W., Thomson, P. and Alders, R.  2017.   Characterising infant and young child feeding practices and the consumption of poultry products in rural Tanzania: A mixed methods approach. Matern Child Nutr. 2017;e12550.

de Bruyn, J., Ferguson, E., Allmann-Farinelli, M., Darnton-Hill, I., Maulaga, W., Msuya, J. and Alders, R.  2016. Food Composition Tables in resource-poor settings: exploring current limitations and opportunities, with a focus on animal-source foods in sub-Saharan Africa. British Journal of Nutrition 116(10):1709-1719.

de Bruyn, J., Thomson, P., Bagnol, B., Maulaga, W. and Alders, R.  2017.  The chicken or the egg? Exploring bi-directional associations between Newcastle disease vaccination and village chicken flock size in rural Tanzania.  PLOS one 12(11): e0188230.

de Bruyn, J., Thomson, P.C., Darnton-Hill, I., Bagnol, B., Maulaga, W. and Alders, R.G.  2018.  Does Village Chicken-Keeping Contribute to Young Children’s Diets and Growth? A Longitudinal Observational Study in Rural Tanzania.  Nutrients 10:1799 doi:

de Bruyn, J., Bagnol, B., Chan, H., Grace, D., Mitchell, M., Nunn, M., Wingett, K., Wong, J.T. and Alders, R.G.  Animal-source foods and sustainable, ethical and optimal human diets.  In: A. Adenle, J. Hall, D. Pannel and E. Moors (eds.) Science, Technology and Innovation for Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.  Oxford University Press (Invited submission, accepted)

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Wingett, K., Allman-Farinelli, M. and Alders, R.  2019.  Food loss and nutrition security: reviewing pre-consumer loss in Australian sheep meat value chains using a Planetary Health framework.  CAB Reviews 13, No. 033; doi: 10.1079/PAVSNNR201813033

Wong, J.T., Bagnol, B., Grieve, H., Jong, J.B., Li, M. and Alders, R.G.  2018.  Factors influencing animal-source food consumption in Timor-Leste. Food Security 10(3):741-762,

Wong, J.T., de Bruyn, J., Bagnol, B., Grieve, H., Li, M., Pym, R., Alders, R.G. 2017. Small-scale poultry in resource-poor settings: A review. Global Food Security 15:43-52.  DOI 10.1016/j.gfs.2017.04.003

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Zhang, Y., Beggs, P.J., Bambrick, H., Berry, H.L., Linnenluecke, M.K., Trueck, S., Alders, R., Bi, P., Boylan, S.M., Green, D., Guo, Y., Hanigan, I.C., Hanna, E.G., Malik, A., Morgan, G.G., Stevenson, M., Tong, S., Watts, N., Capon, A.G.  2018.  The MJA–Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: Australian policy inaction threatens lives. The Medical Journal of Australia 209(11):1.e1- 1.e21. doi: 10.5694/mja18.00789


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