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Prof Salome Bukachi

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University of Nairobi

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Associate Professor



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communication and behaviour and social change, Community Engagement, Gender, Health, Rural development & gender

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Livestock, Agriculture, Food safety, Food, Food security, Health systems, Health, One Health, Zoonoses


Members introduction

I am a social/medical anthropologist with an interest on infectious diseases with a focus on the socio-cultural, behavioural and gender issues
in both human and animal health and  general development.My main focus areas have been on infectious zoonotic diseases – African trypanosomiasis, Rift Valley fever and brucellosis 

Academic publications

Recent publications

  1. Ngutu Peter M, Olungah C, Bukachi S, Haller T. (2018) Opportunities and challenges in export horticulture as an agro-industrial food system: Case study of North West Mount Kenya. Journal on Food system dynamics, 9(5): DOI:
  2. Ngutu M, Olungah C, Bukachi S, Haller T (2018). An Institutional Ethnography of a Horticulture Production Investment in Northwest Mount Kenya. JOJ Hortic Arboric. 2018; 2(2): 555583. 10.
  3. Ngutu M, Bukachi S Olungah C., Kiteme B, Kaeser F, Haller T. (2018) The Actors, Rules and Regulations Linked to Export Horticulture Production and Access to Land and Water as Common Pool Resources in Laikipia County, Northwest Mount Kenya. September2018. Land 7(93):110. DOI:10.3390/land7030110 11.
  4. Ameso EA, Bukachi SA, Olungah CO, Haller T, (2018). Wandibba S, Nangendo S. Pastoral Resilience among the Maasai Pastoralists of Laikipia County, Kenya. Land. 2018; 7(2):78.
  5. Edwin Ambani Ameso, Salome Atieno Bukachi, Charles Owuor Olungah, Tobias Haller (2017) Ethnography of the slaughterhouse: A case of Nanyuki slaughterhouse in Laikipia County, Rift Valley, Kenya. Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice (2017) 7:32 DOI 10.1186/s13570-017-0107-z

Recent Projects

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“Gender Inclusive Vaccine Ecosystem: Enhancing Distribution and Delivery Systems for New Castle Disease and Contagious, Caprine Pleuroneumonia among smallholder farmers

Drivers of food choice competitive grants program - Drivers of demand for animal-source foods in low-income informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya.


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