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Prof Selena Ahmed

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Montana State University

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Associate Professor of Sustainable Food Systems

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North America, United States

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North America, United States

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Sectoral expertise

academia and research, sustainable agriculture

Disciplinary Expertise

agrobiodiversity, Agroecology, Climate Smart Agriculture, ethnobotany, Farming systems and landscape analysis, Food Security, Sustainability, Wild edible plants and Non Timber Forest Products

Area of interest

Agricultural production, Agriculture, Rural development, Food markets, Food, Food security, Resilience, Governance and policy, Diet quality, Health, Health systems, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Climate change, Sustainable diets


Members introduction

I am an ethnobotanist and Associate Professor of Sustainable Food Systems at Montana State University where I co-lead the Food and Health Lab and the Translational Biomarkers Core. My research and outreach interests at the intersection of the ecological, cultural, and health aspects of food systems. Specifically, my research program focuses on agroecosystems and food environments in the context of global change and, implications for environmental and human wellbeing.

Academic publications

Recent publications

Downs, S.; Ahmed, S.; Fanzo, J. Herforth, A. 2020. Food Environment Typology: Advancing an Expanded Definition, Framework, and Methodological Approach for Improved Characterization of Wild, Cultivated, and Built Food Environments toward Sustainable Diets. Foods 9, 532 (Advancing Healthy Food Environments for Sustainable Diets in a Changing World Special Issue). (DOI https:///doi:10.3390/foods9040532)

Ahmed, S.; Byker Shanks, C.; Dupuis, V.; Pierre, M. 2019. Advancing Healthy and Sustainable Food Environments: The Flathead Reservation Case Study. UNSCN Nutrition 44 (Food Environments: Where People Meet the Food System; United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition).

Ahmed, S.; Downs, S.; Fanzo, J. 2019. Advancing an Integrative Framework to Evaluate Sustainability in National Dietary Guidelines. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 3:76. (DOI

Ahmed, S.; Byker Shanks, C.; Smith, T.; Shanks, J. 2018. Fruit and Vegetable Desirability is Lower in More Rural Built Food Environments of Montana using the Produce Desirability (ProDes) Tool. Food Security (DOI

Ahmed, S.; Byker Shanks, C. 2017. Quality of Vegetables based on Total Phenolic Scores is Lower in More Rural Consumer Food Environments in a Rural American State. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 14 (924) (DOI:

Ahmed, S.; Stepp, J.R. 2016. Beyond Yields: Climate Effects on Specialty Crop Quality and Agroecological Management. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene (Forum on New Pathways to Sustainability in Agroecological Systems). 4: 000092

Herforth, A.; Ahmed, S. 2015. The Food Environment, Its Effects on Dietary Consumption, and Potential for Measurement Within Agriculture-Nutrition Interventions. Food Security 7(3): 505-52

Recent Projects

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NSF CNH: Climate Effects on Tea Quality and Socio-Economic Responses

Building Capacity for Promoting Healthy Choices and Sustainable Diets for All on the Flathead Reservation Towards Enhanced Human and Planetary Health

Sustainable Socio-economic, Ecological, and Technological Scenarios for Achieving Global Climate Stabilization Through Negative CO2 Emission Policies


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2 years 11 months