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Sinead Boylan

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Dr Sinead Boylan

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University of Sydney

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Research Fellow


Oceania, Australia

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Oceania, Australia

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climate change, Communication, food and nutrition, food insecurity and undernourishment, Food policy, Food Security, Nutrition

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Agricultural production, Agriculture, Rural development, Consumption, Food, Food markets, Food security, Food trade, Food value chains, Resilience, Governance and policy, Safety nets and vulnerability, Diet quality, Health, One Health, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Climate change, Sustainable diets, Urbanisation


Members introduction

Dr Boylan has a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Ulster and a PhD in nutritional epidemiology from the University of Leeds. She has studied the dietary patterns of populations across Western and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and East Africa. She is passionate about  transdisciplinary research. Her research aims to identify strategies to promote a healthy and sustainable diet. She strives for equitable, healthy food access for all.

Academic publications

Recent publications

In press: 

Boylan, S., Sainsbury, E., Thow, A.M., Degeling, C., Craven, L., Stellmach, D., Gill, T.P., Zhang Y. A healthy, sustainable and safe food system: examining the perceptions and role of the Australian policy-actor using a Delphi survey (accepted April 2019, Public Health Nutrition).


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Boylan, S., Beyer, K., Schlosberg, D., Mortimer, A., Hime, N., Scalley, B., Alders, R, Corvalan, C., Capon, T. (2018) A conceptual framework for climate change, health and wellbeing in NSW, Australia. Public Health Research and Practice.24(4).

Boylan S., Hardy, L. L., Drayton, B. A., Grunseit, A., Mihrshahi S (2017) Assessing junk food consumption among Australian children: trends and associated characteristics from a crosssectional study. BMC Public Health. 17(1):299.

Pettman TP, Armstrong, R, Waters E, Allender S, Love P, Gill T, Coveney J, Boylan S, Booth S, Bolton K, Swinburn B. (2016) Evaluation of a Knowledge Translation and Exchange platform to advance non-communicable disease prevention. Evidence and Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice. 12(1).

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 Boylan, S., Gill, T., Hare-Bruun, H., Andersen, L., Heitmann, B. (2014). Associations between adolescent and adult socioeconomic status and risk of obesity and overweight in Danish adults. Obesity Research & Clinical Practice, 8(2), e163-e171.

 Boylan, S., Greenwood, D., Alwan, N., Cooke, M., Dolby, V., Hay, A., Kirk, S., Konje, S., Potdar, N., Shires, S., et al (2013). Does Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy Play a Role in the Association Found Between Maternal Caffeine Intake and Fetal Growth Restriction? Maternal and Child Health Journal, 17(4), 601-608.

Boylan, S., Syrett, K., Colagiuri, R. (2013). Role of law at the non-communicable diseases-climate change interface: considerations for planetary and population health policy. Public Health, 127(6), 579-581.



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