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Tadlo Awoke

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Mr Tadlo Mengesha

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Wollo university, Ethiopia

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Master of Science in Fishery and Wetland Mnangement

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Africa, Ethiopia

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Africa, Ethiopia

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Agriculture and food systems

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Biological sciences

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Aquaculture/ fisheries, Agriculture


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I am Tadlo Awoke, Department of Animal Science in College of Agriculture , Wollo University, Ethiopia. I am Lecturer and resarcher in the area of Aquaculture and fisheries. I have agood experiance in teaching as well as doing resarch.

Academic publications

Recent publications

1. Abundance and species composition of fishes in the Blue Nile River, Ethiopia

2. Fish species diversity in major rivers of Ethiopia

3. Morphometric and merstic characterstics of dominant fish in Blue Nile River

4.Some aspects of the biology of dominante fish in Blue Nile river, Ethiopia


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4 years 6 months