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Dr Todd Rosenstock

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North America, United States

Country of current residence

Africa, Kenya

Expertise and interests

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Agriculture and food systems

Disciplinary Expertise

Agronomy, Biological sciences, Development studies, Environmental sciences

Area of interest

Agricultural production, Agriculture, Aquaculture/ fisheries, Livestock, Rural development, Resilience, Governance and policy, Climate change, Sustainability, Sustainable diets


Members introduction

Todd Rosenstock is an Environmental Scientist with ICRAF where he investigates how smallholder agriculture affects the environment and society and vice versa. Todd’s research applies observational and manipulative experiments, data synthesis, and modeling to understand the synergies and tradeoffs among food production, soil and human health, and climate at farm- and landscape scales and optimize local and global benefits from agricultural systems in developing countries

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Surveillance of Climate-smart agriculture for Nutrition (SCAN)


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4 years 6 months