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Vivian Hoffmann

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Dr Vivian Hoffmann

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International Food Policy Research Institute

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Senior Research Fellow

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Food policy, Smallholder agriculture

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Agricultural Economics, Health Economics

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Agricultural production, Agriculture, Consumption, Food, Food safety, Food value chains, Maternal and child health, Health


Members introduction

Vivian Hoffmann is a Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute. She has a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University. Much of Hoffmann’s research in recent years focuses on food safety throughout the value chain. She also has ongoing projects on farmers' adoption of yield-increasing technologies. Hoffmann serves as an Associate Editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Academic publications

Recent publications

Hoffmann, V., Mutiga, S.K., Harvey, J.W., Nelson, R.J. and Milgroom, M.G., 2020. Observability of food safety losses in maize: Evidence from Kenya. Food Policy, p.101895.

Hoffmann, V., Moser, C.M. and Herrman, T.J., 2020. Demand for Aflatoxin‐Safe Maize in Kenya: Dynamic Response to Price and Advertising. American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Herrman, T., Hoffmann, V., Muiruri, A. and McCormick C. 2020. Aflatoxin proficiency testing and control in Kenya. Journal of Food Protection, 83(1), pp.142-146.

de Brauw, A. Hoffmann, V. 2020. The influence of the 2019 Nobel prize winners on agricultural economics. World Development, 127, p.104793.

Hoffmann, V., Moser, C. and Saak, A., 2019. Food safety in low and middle-income countries: The evidence through an economic lens. World Development, 123, p.104611.

Fischer, K., Herrman, T.J., Hoffmann, V. and Lee, K.M., 2019. Variance Structure of Aflatoxin Contaminated Maize in Incoming Trucks at Commercial Mills in Kenya. Journal of Regulatory Science, 7, pp.1-5.

Pretari, A., Hoffmann, V. and Tian, L., 2019. Post-harvest practices for aflatoxin control: Evidence from Kenya. Journal of Stored Products Research, 82, pp.31-39.

Hoffmann, V., Jones, K. and Leroy, J.L., 2018. The impact of reducing dietary aflatoxin exposure on child linear growth: a cluster randomised controlled trial in Kenya. BMJ Global Health, 3(6), p.e000983.

Hoffmann, V. and Moser, C. 2017. You get what you pay for: the link between price and food safety in Kenya. Agricultural Economics, 48(4), 449-458.

Hoffmann, V., Jones, K., & Leroy, J. 2015. Mitigating aflatoxin exposure to improve child growth in Eastern Kenya: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials, 16(1), 552.

Mutiga, S. K., Hoffmann, V., Harvey, J., Milgroom, M. G., & Nelson, R. 2015. Assessment of aflatoxin and fumonisin contamination of maize in western Kenya. Phytopathology, 105(9) 1250-1261.

Unnevehr, L., & Hoffmann, V. 2015. Food safety management and regulation: International experiences and lessons for China. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 14(11), 2218-2230.

Grace, D., Mahuku, G., Hoffmann, V., Atherstone, C., Upadhyaya, H. D., & Bandyopadhyay, R. 2015. International agricultural research to reduce food risks: case studies on aflatoxins. Food Security, 1-14.

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