What are the themes for the Academy Week?

Abstracts for the Research Conference part of the week were called under the following themes:

  1. Global food system governance and political economy
  • E.g. Power relations; conflict of interest; accountability; values; incentives; risks for chronic diseases from complex and global food systems
  1. Macro-policy pathways and impacts
  • E.g. Trade, fiscal and monetary policies; regulations, subsidies, investments; agricultural drivers of chronic disease and double burden of malnutrition etc. 
  1. Programme impacts
  • E.g. Novel policy or interventional impacts of agriculture-food systems on nutrition and health pathways; comparative research across contexts and intervention typologies; innovative causal identification designs
  1. Economic evaluation and financing of multi-sectoral programmes
  • E.g. Economic decision making among households, public and private sectors; costs, cost-effectiveness, and cost-efficiency of multi-sectoral policies/programmes with multiple consequences; application of costs for national and global strategic planning
  1. Implementation science
  • E.g. Lessons learnt from designing, implementing and evaluating complex programmes; innovation in implementation science research; trade-offs in complex programme design and evaluation; lessons from what has not worked
  1. Behavioural research
  • E.g. Motivations, capabilities, incentives, opportunities of individuals (including mental health), households and institutions in prioritising issues with complex outcomes; Drivers of food choice (including private sector); interactions between personal and external food environments
  1. Innovative methods and metrics
  • E.g. Studying complex systems; tools, methods and metrics in studying nutrition-health pathways in agriculture and food systems; comparative research (how do different metrics on the same topic compare or differ); taking stock of what worked and what did not and identifying gaps in tools, methods and metrics
  1. Big data
  • E.g. Making sense of ‘what data is out there’; application of merging and using big data; taking stock of what worked and what did not
  1. Agriculture, food systems and infectious diseases
  • E.g. Food safety; land-use change (including urbanisation) and disease spread; agricultural drivers of zoonotic diseases and antimicrobial resistance; health risks of complex and global food systems
  1.  Planetary health, environmental effects and sustainability 
  • E.g. Impacts of climate and environmental change on agriculture, nutrition and health, sustainable and healthy diets; impact of global food systems on planetary health

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